neděle 17. září 2017

Countdown to GDPR

Information Age: Countdown to GDPR  - May 22, 2017 
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In this special Information Age report, we look at how the UK is policing cybercrime and what London needs to do to become the first ‘cyber security city’. 
The centrepiece of this special issue of Information Age is an in-depth feature on GDPR, the EU’s data protection regulation, which will come into force in May 2018. We examine the purpose of GDPR and exactly what businesses need to do to comply.
The need for GDPR was recognised because of the rise in cyber attacks and data breaches, as well as growing controversy around data collection and consumer concern over how it was being used
The Content of the Report:
- The state of cybercrime
- Countdown to GDPR
- The rise of ransomware
Time for action
Analyst firm Gartner identifies five high-priority actions for data controllers and processors inside and outside the EU.