pátek 15. září 2017

Další zdroje na portálu TrustArc

Na portálu TrustArc je dále nabízeno:
- Building Your DPIA/PIA Program: Tips & Case Studies
Building Your DPIA/PIA Program: Tips & Case Studies
Video k prohlížení a 24 slajdů na adrese:
- Benchmarking data on GDPR plans and investments (download the report)
TrustArc Research Report - Privacy and the EU GDPR (Download now)
Survey of 200 businesses across a wide range of industries, including heavily regulated industries, such as financial services, utilities and energy, healthcare and pharma, and telecommunications. The privacy professionals surveyed included IT, legal, compliance and privacy personnel.
- Privacy and the EU GDPR: 2017 Survey of Privacy Professionals
- Are you ready for the GDPR?
TrustArc has comprehensive, flexible, proven solutions to address the GDPR. (Learn More)
- New TrustArc Privacy Platform Integration Options
Integrate your privacy program with key business applications. (Learn More)
- The GDPR Will Impact Your Business
Practical Steps to Address EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance. Are You Ready?
(Download guide)