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Data Flow Mapping and the EU GDPR

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najdete velmi podnětnou osnovu přednášky na téma Data Flow Mapping and the EU GDPR , přednesené 29. září 2016 IT Governance konzultantem Adrianem Rossem LLB (Hons), MBA.
Na dokreslení uvádím agendu přednášky a názvy slajdů.
• An overview of the regulatory landscape
• Territorial scope
• Remedies, liabilities and penalties
• Risk management and the GDPR
• Legal requirements for a DPIA
• Why and how to conduct a data flow mapping exercise
• What are the challenges?
• What is an information flow?
• The questions to ask
• Data flow mapping techniques
Označení hlavních slajdů:
The nature of European lawArticle 99: Entry into force and application 
The GDPR has eleven chapters
Data protection model under the GDPR 
Remedies, liabilities and penalties
Riskmanagement and the GDPR
Standards and codes
ISO 31000: Risk management
Risk management process
Enterprise risk management
Information security
Legal requirements for a DPIA
Linking the DPIA to the privacy principles
How to conduct a data mapping exercise
Data mapping – what are the challenges?
Information flow – identify the key elements
Data flow mapping – questions to ask
Workflow inputs and outputs:
Data flow mapping – techniques
Example information flow