pátek 15. září 2017

Essential Guide to the GDPR Compliance

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"Practical Steps to Address EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance"
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This guide was developed to take over 200 pages of GDPR legal text and translate it into practical implementation steps for an organization of any size or maturity. It contains helpful tips and best practices on what to do to comply by May 25, 2018.
Key Takeaways:
- Distills over 200 pages of GDPR text into 5 implementation phases
- Makes long complex text relatable to your everyday job
- Outlines an easy-to-follow plan for non-privacy experts
- Comes in a conveniently sized guide that can go everywhere with you
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Obsah dokumentu:
- Chapter I: Introduction to the EU General Data
Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)
Who does it apply to?
Non-Compliance Implications
- Chapter II: How to Comply
Overview – People, Process, & Technology
Phase 1 – Build Consensus and a Team
Phase 2 – Assess Risks and Create Awareness
Phase 3 – Design and Implement Operational Controls
Phase 4 – Maintain and Enhance Controls
Phase 5 – Demonstrate Ongoing Compliance
Chapter II Summary
Chapter III: How TrustArc Can Help
Why TrustArc