úterý 19. září 2017

GDPR and the Role of Risk Management

GDPR and the Role of Risk Management: Some Perspectives
Informace o vztahu GDPR a Risk Managementu, spojená s informací o produktu "Risk Management Studio" a nabídka trial a demo verze
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- "Risk Management Studio is a risk management toolkit combining information security and technology risk management with business continuity planning for one easy to use solution."
- "We have designed RM Studio to be a dynamic risk management toolkit based on the methodology of ISO 27005. RM Studio is designed to help your enterprise organize and simplify the ISO 27001 certification process and cement the best practice behaviors into everyday use."
- "GDPR compliance will necessitate explicit processes and procedures, data encryption and building a business-wide a culture of privacy and protection, among other things. An efficient data protection risk management strategy will ensure that the balance between caution against over-protection and actions to take advantage of risk exposure is achieved. It will also facilitate an adequate assessment of existing data security practices while ascertaining that newly adopted strategies are seamlessly integrated with the existing framework."
- "While the regulation enormously increases the responsibility of enterprises, it has also set perilously high penalty for non-compliance."
- "The forthcoming regulation – which aims at harmonizing EU and non-EU businesses’ digital information security practices, or rather the lack of it – has more to do with bridging the gap between commitment and execution in risk management."
- "Companies spend heavily to repair brand image in the aftermath of a data breach, but show no proactiveness to take advantage of the role risk management plays in building preventive measures."
- "While prevention will be the key, threats can rarely be eliminated in their entirety. Wholesale risk elimination on the other hand will strip firms off their flexibility, stifling innovation and business continuity."
- "The Trial application and database is a completely functional version of RM Studio and includes the ISO 27002 - Code of practice for information security controls. The Controls text is limited to 100 characters per copyright agreements with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Please fill out the form and receive a 15 day FREE trial of RM Studio."
"The live demo will consist of a step-by-step walk through of RM Studio's most commonly used features. However, any additional information you provide can assist us in tailoring the demo to the features that are most important to you."