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GDPR guide by chapter/topic

Na portálu "Bird and Bird" najdete pozoruhodný obsah, vztahující se k metodologii aplikace GDPR.
GDPR guide by chapter/topic
Metodologická doporučení jsou v GDPR guide by chapter/topic rozdělena podle odstavců GDPR.
1. Scope, timetable and new concepts
2. Principles
3. Individual rights
4. Accountability, security and breach notification
5. Data transfers
6. Regulators
7. Enforcement
8. Special cases
9. Delegated acts and implementing act
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Ukázky vnitřního členění průvodce:4. Accountability, security and breach notification
a. Data governance obligations
b. Personal data breaches and notification
c. Codes of conduct and certifications
6. Regulators
a. Appointment of supervisory authorities
b. Competence, tasks and powers
c. Co-operation and consistency between supervisory authorities
d. European Data Protection Board
Po zvolení dílčího tématu se nabídne stránka se 2 sloupci: "At a Glance" a "To do List".
Příklad metodického doporučení::
At a glance
Supervisory authorities are given specific > competence to act on their own territory.
A lead-authority has competence in cross-border cases (see section on co-operation and consistency between supervisory authorities for
further details).
• Supervisory authorities are given an extensive list of specific powers and tasks.
To do list:
Familiarise yourself with the comprehensive powers and tasks of the supervisory authorities.
If you carry out cross-border processing, get to understand the lead-authority system, (for which see section on cooperation and consistency between
You might wish to consider working towards compliance with a recognised Code of Conduct or Certification which will require supervisory authority approval.