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GDPR Report: Implementation challenges and milestones for early adopters of the GDPR

GDPR Report: Implementation challenges and milestones for early adopters of the GDPR
IT Governance Europe Ltd - 24 stran - pdf soubor - July 2017
Objednat stažení Reportu můžete na adrese: https://www.itgovernance.eu/gdpr-report
Cituji z úvodu Reportu:
"IT Governance is pleased to release the results of its first General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) survey. The report provides GDPR practitioners and senior management with useful insight into how organisations are progressing with GDPR compliance, the challenges they face and the measures they are adopting.
It should be noted that the research reflects the issues affecting progressive organisations that have already started working towards achieving GDPR compliance and does not reflect the average organisation. It should also be emphasised that IT Governance’s clients have a higher level of awareness: since early 2016, IT Governance has continually worked to raise client awareness of the GDPR through free resources, webinars, blogs, training courses, books and other avenues, which has helped clients to initiate and manage GDPR compliance.
Stažením reportu získáte poznatky k otázkám:
- The biggest challenge for implementers
- The budget that organisations are putting aside for their projects
- How many organisations have updated their processes to comply with the GDPR
- Who is appointing a DPO
- How many are seeking formal GDPR qualifications
- Much more
"To meet GDPRs requirements, organisations need to know what personal data they currently hold or process, understand the risks to that data, adapt their business processes and infrastructure, implement tools and compliance processes, and change the way they collaborate with suppliers. In some instances, those changes could be significant and work will need to start as a matter of urgency."
Report findings
Ke každému zjištění je v textu uveden podrobnější výklad! 
1 Forward-thinking senior management are aware of the importance of the GDPR
2 Ensuring the right level of competence and expertise is one of the biggest GDPR challenges for implementers
3 50% of companies have not yet allocated a GDPR staff awareness budget
4 68% have not yet updated their processes to comply with data subject rights
5 Nearly 40% have appointed a DPO to oversee GDPR compliance
6 Almost half of those responsible for GDPR compliance lack a formal or relevant qualification
7 Compliance practitioners are planning to undertake GDPR training 
8 Most organisations have implemented, or are implementing, a breach notification procedure and an incident response plan
9 More than half of organisations rely on data protection practitioners for GDPR compliance, while 31.9% rely on lawyers
10 Most organisations are assigning the role of DPO to an existing employee
12 Organisations rely on building internal competence to assist GDPR compliance
11 The typical budget for GDPR compliance is less than L5,000/€5.800/$6,200
13 Respondents recognise that ISO 27001 improves information security compliance with the GDPR