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Practical steps to deal with the GDPR

Practical steps to deal with the GDPR  -  29 JUNE 2017
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The new data regulation - GDPR - throws up a lot of questions for businesses across the world.
IT professionals have a crucial role to play in any GDPR compliance project. IT’s engagement is essential in order to determine the changes required to bring a business in line with the requirements of the GDPR.IT professionals will also need to be heavily involved in devising or sourcing technical solutions to some of the most challenging aspects of the GDPR, such as the principle of privacy by design.
This article sets out some of the key practical steps organisations must take in order to comply with the GDPR by May 2018 and highlights the role of IT professionals in each step. It is important to note that there is no grace period with the GDPR so businesses need to be fully compliant with the GDPR by 25 May 2018.
Názvy kapitol v Reportu
o Data mapping requirements
o Scope
o Data protection officers (DPOs)
o Accountability principles
o Consents and notices
o Individuals’ new privacy rights
o Restrictions on profiling
o Information security
o Vendor management
o International data transfers
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