pátek 15. září 2017

Single digital gateway and the ‘once-only’ principle

EDPS se prezentuje jako: EUROPEAN DATA PROTECTION SUPERVISOR, The EU's independent data protection authority. Její webový portál najdete na adrese:
Na stránkách portálu je odkaz na dokument (  PDF ), zabývající se problematikou označovanou jako "single digital gateway  and the ‘once-only’ principle".
Plný název dokumentu je:  "EDPS Opinion on the proposal for a Regulation establishing a single digital gateway and the ‘once-only’ principle" a najdete ho na adrese: 
Dokument připravil 1. srpna 2017 Giovanni BUTTARELLI.
Cituji ze závěru dokumentu:
"Executive Summary. The Proposal is among the first EU instruments that explicitly refer to and implement the principle of ‘once-only’, which is aimed at ensuring that citizens and businesses are requested to supply the same information only once to a public administration, which can then re-use the information they already have. The Proposal foresees that the exchange of evidence for specified cross-border procedures (such as, for example, requesting recognition of a diploma) would be initiated by the explicit request of a user and it would take place in a technical system established by the Commission and Member States, with a built-in preview mechanism ensuring transparency towards the user."