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Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Issue Global Connected Car Guidance

Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Issue Global Connected Car Guidance- Posted on October 5, 2017 -
Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Updates and Analysis
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"Last week, at the 39th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Hong Kong, data protection authorities from around the world issued non-binding guidance on the processing of personal data collected by connected cars (the “Guidance”). "

"Building on existing international guidelines and resolutions, the Guidance urges the automobile industry to follow privacy by design principles “at every stage of the creation and development of new devices or services.”
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"Resolution on Data Protection in Automated and Connected Vehicles"
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The Guidance sets forth the following recommendations, among others:
List of 12 Recommendation
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"While non-binding, the Guidance is being interpreted by many as a set of global standards to guide data protection enforcement efforts, and may signal a wave of enforcement actions to come. The Federal Trade Commission did not participate in issuing the Guidance."