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Experts react to the security risks of GDPR and AI

Experts react to the security risks of GDPR and AI
Rene Millman - 15 Jun, 2017 -
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"Over the last few months, security experts have had to contend with the GDPR, ransomware, and AI as the three most pressing IT issues companies have to face at present."
"Endless surveys and research suggest very few organisations are prepared for the rules. Although, to be fair, it is hard to be ready when the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) itself hasn’t yet published its final guidance on certain aspects. Adhering to the eight data protection principles still appears to be the best way forward in order to be compliant with GDPR."
"If a company can demonstrate it is fully compliant, its reputation will be enhanced."
"Ilias Chantzos, Symantec's senior director of government affairs for EMEA and Asia, said there is no box that can “solve” GDPR problems."
"The more people take seriously the threat of hacking and cybercrime, the more people will be cautious about suspicious content."
"Another issue was the increasing use of automation within technology as well as its impact on IT security. With the internet now meeting the “classic definition” of a robot as far as it being able to sense, think and act, we are creating a world-sized robot without even realising it."
"Artificial intelligence as a basis for IT security also got a grilling from Giovanni Vigna, CTO of Lastline. Such technologies only really work when they have large data sets, and you can only learn from “things you know”.
"Machine learning could be used to reduce the number of security analysts needed and direct focus on more important issues." 
"Ultimately, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning cannot be used in a simple way, according to Vigna. Organisations need to start at breach detection events to teach such systems to look for similar patterns elsewhere."