pátek 13. října 2017

GDPR and cloud

GDPR and cloud - Markets Media October 13, 2017
A looming data-privacy regulation holds significant implications for financial-services firms that store data in the cloud.
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"As a data storer, practitioners and experts generally say cloud is more secure than a traditional, on-premises IT environment, so cloud reduces the risk of the data breaches that are in GDPR’s crosshairs."
"Accountability for data protection cascades down through the data supply chain. Web-based companies will have to clearly define responsibilities and liabilities among solution partners.”
"Companies will need to know the attributes of their data and demonstrate consumer consent as baseline GDPR capabilities. They also need to ensure portability and erasure..." 
Regulators are becoming cloud friendly,” Accenture said in a report highlighting cloud adoption as a key trend for investment banks in 2017."