pátek 6. října 2017

GDPR: Cyber security issues abound

GDPR: Cyber security issues abound
Článek byl publikován 3. 10. 2017. najdete na portálu gdpr.report, na na adrese:
Ke stažení ve formátu PDF je na  portálu "cscdigitalbrand.services", na adrese: http://tinyurl.com/yc6gonuw
Cituji vybrané části textu:
"The acronym on the lips of inhouse lawyers at the moment is GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation – and it trumps the entire list." 
“Being able to demonstrate GDPR compliance will also enable companies to inspire trust amongst their customers, suppliers, and employees. If you can show how you’re protecting your data from unauthorised access, people are going to want to work with you and trust you.” 
"All of the above are susceptible to theft and attack in the online world. Below is just a sample of the types of attacks, the symptoms they present, and the risks they carry:...."
"With every department, desktop, and mobile device a potential victim, it’s up to each company to unite the forces of IT, legal, marketing, and security to stop cyber criminals in their tracks. The process may seem like a major undertaking, but it’s important to partner with expert providers that ensure data is protected and secure as part of data protection law compliance, which involves more than just a tick-box approach. Figuring out exactly how many different digital assets your company maintains – and finding out where they’re located, if they’re secure, and who looks after them – requires a multi pronged effort."
"There are four ways to begin the process:
• Audit and Consolidate
• Use and Secure
• Optimise and Promote
• Monitor and Enforce."