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GDPR is an opportunity for business growth

GDPR is an opportunity for business growth
Blog posted by: John McDermott, EMEA Portfolio Manager, HP Enterprise and Nick Wilding, General Manager Cyber Resilience, AXELOS, 20 October 2017.
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"Organizations can use the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 to learn more about their customers while building customer loyalty and increasing efficiency.
According to John McDermott, EMEA Portfolio Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), the new regulations are a business opportunity and business leaders should not be overcome with ‘doom and gloom’ about non-compliance and large fines."
"During the webinar John outlined the four-step programme which can move an organization towards compliance with the GDPR regulations:
Perform: carry out a gap analysis and prepare a GDPR readiness report; revise policies, contracts, procedures and data governance model.
Know: classify data and enforce best practice for each classification; identify who collects data and where from, encryption and breach protection.
Identify: understand what will change and who will make the change
Prepare: carry out a data protection impact assessment and get approval from the data protection authority; implement new tools and instigate a company-wide and ‘effective’ awareness programme to educate all employees."
“Effective and engaging online learning can also be combined with a range of techniques including team meetings, lunch and learn briefings, surveys, posters and competitions. They should all work to build confidence so that anyone can deal effectively with issues, as and when they arise,” Nick added."
"The webinar emphasized that GDPR has the ability to enhance a business and, with the right support and training for employees, it should mean full compliance. If there is already a good governance strategy in place it really should be business as usual.
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