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How the EU GDPR Will Affect SAP

How the EU GDPR Will Affect SAP
Feature Article | October 5, 2017 by Andreas Schmitz
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"What Measures is SAP Taking
Let’s take a look at how SAP is dealing with the GDPR.
a) - What Exactly Will Change?
For companies, the GDPR introduces an obligation to establish a “structure conducive to data protection.” 
This includes the following requirements, among others:
- Data protection impact assessments when using new technologies
- Data portability, which ensures that data can easily be transported from one network to another
- The obligation to delete private data when requested by the respective user
- The use of technologies that were developed based on the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default, which means that technical data-protection requirements were met during the design of a given product and are easy for users to modify
- Observance of the lex loci solutionis principle, which means that the GDPR applies to all companies operating within the EU, regardless of where they are headquartered
- The obligation to maintain proof that all of the necessary data protection measures are being taken at a given company. The GDPR provides for much higher penalties (up to four percent of a company’s revenues) if this requirement is not met.
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"“Anyone who creates a new process now puts it straight into the central record,” Wiedemann adds. By the end of the year, SAP wants to have all of its processes listed – that’s more than a thousand in total."