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IP Expo: GDPR - "All of us will carry a quantum of illegality

IP Expo: GDPR - "All of us will carry a quantum of illegality
by Tony Morbin - October 05, 2017
Článek najdete na portálu scmagazineuk.com na adrese: http://tinyurl.com/yc8eb4bj
Cituji vybrané myšlenky článku:
- "GDPR is built on the assumption that people are better prepared than they are, so we will fail to comply, therefore take a risk-based approach and focus on the things that matter."
- "GDPR  has been built on a series of false assumptions which means we will fail, regardless of the amount of time or resources we deploy thanks to these false assumptions."
- "The biggest risk if starting a GDPR program now, is that if you require the services of third parties – all the good ones are now gone, thus there is a delivery risk to the programme.  Plus, legislative compliance risk is wholly different from regulator risk, which is part of your spectrum of risk."
Cituji ze závěrečného odstavce:

- "Finally, organisations need to understand the wider context – legal, regulatory, and false assumptions. This will enable them to make purposeful choices and properly define their risks using root cause analysis."