pátek 6. října 2017

Pros, cons of EU’s GDPR for publishers

Pros, cons of EU’s GDPR for publishers
inma - Internetional News Media Association - 04 October 2017
By Lorna White - Senior Planner - London, United Kingdom
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Cituji vybrané myšlenky článku:
- "The impact on the mobile market is particularly high as publishers gather so much information from users based on multiple parameters to inform focussed targeting, such as location and app usage. Therefore, those publishers not prepared for the introduction of the GDPR could see an impact on business performance."     
- "According to Seb Joseph at Digiday, “Having just a single user in the European Union for which (a company is) not GDPR-compliant means 2-4% of their global revenues are at risk.” 
- "Yet some companies are delaying preparations because the regulations are not necessarily simple to fully comprehend. After all, these are sweeping regulations that have 99 articles and 173 recitals."
- How GDPR could help publishers
- How GDPR could harm publishers
- "From a publisher point of view, it’s important to plan for the impact and not become a victim of “the myths” as well as ensuring technology partners are taking steps to prepare".