čtvrtek 5. října 2017

Règlement européen sur la protection des données personnelles

Règlement européen sur la protection des données personnelles
Kdo dává přednost francouzštině má možnost získat průvodce ke GDPR ve francouzštině.
Průvodce je ke stažení na portálu iapp.com a je uveden v angličtině:
CNIL releases GDPR guide for data processors - schedule Oct 4, 2017
Přímá adresa průvodce je:
Cituji vybrané části z anglického úvodu
"On September 29, 2017 the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) published a guide for data processors to implement the new obligations set by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). The guidance elaborates a three-step checklist for data processors:
1. Assess whether a DPO must be appointed.
2. Review and analyze existing contracts. In this regard, the guide provides template data processing clauses to be inserted in service agreements.
3. Create an inventory of data processing operations."
"The guide goes over the extended scope of the GDPR and offers a three-step checklist for data processors, including assessing whether a data protection officer must be appointed, reviewing and analyzing existing contracts, and creating an inventory of data processing operations. The guide also provides explanations for the processor’s obligations in appointing a subprocessor, assisting the data controller when conducting data protection impact assessments, and notifying about data breaches. The guide summarizes the regime of sanctions for data processors and lists some of the GDPR violations that would trigger these sanctions."