pátek 27. října 2017

Risk management is key to successful GDPR compliance

Risk management is key to successful GDPR compliance
by Nortal HQ, September 21, 2017
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"GDPR shouldn’t be seen as a risk but as an opportunity to update your organization’s approach to risk management."
"GDPR compliance has to be approached from a risk management point of view."
“Companies need to establish a good risk-management culture in order to mitigate risks by falsely processing data,”
“GDPR puts pressure on an organization’s leadership to rethink their current business models.”
"GDPR sets new rules, making the business environment harsher, as in many cases old business models and processes do not respect the new regulation."
“Challenges also mean opportunities for new and disruptive innovations.”
Cituji závěr článku:
"GDPR is not only about data, data governance or hefty fines for not being careful enough when collecting, storing and processing people’s personal information."