úterý 3. října 2017


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An exclusive piece of market analysis compiled by the ComputerworldUK Editorial Team.
Scott Carey
- What is the GDPR?
- How to prepare for the approaching GDPR
- How to get ready for consent under GDPR
- Ensure GDPR compliance in the cloud
- The right to be forgotten and what you need to do
- How data-sharing benefits Essex County Council
Cituji z textu:
- "GDPR isn’t all bad news, and the potential benefits for organizations that comply with the new regulation go far beyond simply avoiding fines. It could help transform your business and avoid the reputational damage we see all too often from costly data breaches. In short, GDPR compliance is a serious endeavour, and shouldn’t be underestimated. Most battle plans will include a full data assessment, a thorough change to business processes where data is being held."
- "In this guide we lay out everything you need to know about GDPR, some handy tips for how to comply ahead of the deadline, and an example of the benefits that can be gained by getting your data policies in line with GDPR early.
" Scott Carey

Cituji ze závěru:
Having a well-coordinated data strategy has other benefits too, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looming on the horizon. Wilde said that the work council has already carried out around data governance and transparency leave it well placed to adapt to any framework put in place. “We are lucky we are one of the leaders in the country around information governance and we are working closely with the ICO and others around the implications of GDPR,” he revealed. Tom Macaulay