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The impact of GDPR on your Customer Experience operations

The impact of GDPR on your Customer Experience operations
Author: Remco StolpOctober 5, 2017 
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How will GDPR impact your CX operations?
( poznámka: definici CX - "customer experience" najdete na příklad na portálu "econsultancy.com" na adrese: http://tinyurl.com/ybw2u3hg )
Cituji vybrané myšlenky z textu článku:
"GDPR contains over 90 articles on customer data collection and security in order to improve customer privacy for  European citizens.

A few of the articles are directly linked to customer interactions and mention the following customers’ rights:
- right of access by the data subject
- right to rectification
- right of erasure
- right to restriction of processing.
These four articles represent a very limited part of the entire GDPR, but they have a direct link to your CSAT, NPS and reputation with regard to customer interaction. They could potentially generate a massive amount of customer interactions, overloading your contact center, and the departments involved with work by issuing requests.
You really need to provide all PI information stored in all systems including the reason for storing that specific data." 
(At Capgemini, we have developed an automated business process to ensure you can manage the CX-related GDPR processes and provide comprehensive reporting and dashboards. It allows you to start off either with just manual tasks for your system administrators or with a hybrid solution where some tasks are automated and some tasks are performed manually.)"
Článek končí otázkou:
"Let me leave you with an easy question that is very hard to answer fully:
How will you assure that even emails stored in an archive on an employee’s own hard drive will be deleted once a customer requests to be forgotten?"