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Why Consent Lifecycle Management is crucial for GDPR compliance and your customer data

Why Consent Lifecycle Management is crucial for GDPR compliance and your customer data
June 6, 2017 by SVEN DUMMER,consent management.
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"This blog explains how Consent Lifecycle Management can help you achieve compliance for this new regulation."
"Some of the most challenging requirements of the GDPR are around the need to collect consent from end users before obtaining and transferring their personal data. ... It is important to understand that the GDPR requires affirmative, and in some cases, explicit, consent  with dramatic impact for many organizations."
"Moving from implicit to explicit, purpose-bound consent
Today, many companies rely on implicit and “opt-out” consent when collecting personal data from their customers – for example, we all are very familiar with pre-checked boxes on registration forms. This practice of collecting implicit consent will no longer be allowed under the GDPR, which requires consent by the user signaling agreement by “a statement or a clear affirmative action.”
"if your customer database today contains data that was collected via implicit consent, the GDPR doesn’t allow your existing non-complying data to be “grandfathered in”. You will have to request consent from your customers again, but this time in a fashion that complies with the GDPR."
"The GDPR not only requires explicit consent before collecting sensitive personal data, but also limits that data collection to “specified, explicit and legitimate purposes,” and the data “must not be further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes."
"GDPR requests that customers must be enabled to view and modify their consent settings at any time."
"How an Identity Cloud enables proper consent
The solution we provide to address these challenges is Consent Lifecycle Management, the newest member of the Janrain Identity Cloud, a cohesive set of cloud-based services for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)."