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Why GDPR will revolutionise marketing

"Not all doom and gloom: Why GDPR will revolutionise marketing"
October 10, 201
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Author: Julian Saunders, founder of data management and GDPR compliance solution, discusses how GDPR is great news for marketers
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- "For talented marketers GDPR will create an environment in which they will flourish."
-- "Organisations will have to priorities the security of the data they hold, clearly communicate privacy terms and inform customers if there are any breaches. People will be empowered to make clear decisions on the messages they receive and what happens with their data. This will provide knowledge and control to customers. Companies that have a cavalier attitude to data privacy and security will find themselves having to self-certify their GDPR compliance and agree to accept onerous financial liabilities when they want to provide services to other enterprises."
-- "Finally, the scales will fully tilt to innovative marketers, as businesses who continue to send simplistic, high volume and non-personalised content to their entire marketing database will soon find their customer base shrinking."
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"This quick run through of the probably implications of GDPR is likely to be just the start. Higher standards, improved marketing effectiveness, the necessity of innovation, and the imperative of implementing data management solutions will undoubtedly have many more unforeseen positive consequences. The responsibility is now on good marketers to go beyond the negative noise surrounding GDPR fines and ‘onerous’ regulations, and focus on how their approach to marketing should change to take advantage of this opportunity. Intelligent marketing professionals will revamp their strategy far in advance of May 2018 and begin up-skilling themselves on innovative marketing techniques."