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6 impacts of GDPR on organizations that store data in the cloud

6 impacts of GDPR on organizations that store data in the cloud
By Cristopher Burge - a cloud computing enthusiast and content editor at CloudStorageAdvice.
Published 02. 11. 2017, information-management.com
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Cituji z textu článku:
"The General Data Protection Regulation refers to a platform where the European Parliament, European Commission, and Council of the European Union intend to unify and strengthen data protection for persons within the European Union. It addresses the transfer of personal information outside the EU".

"The GDPR aims at bringing together the EU regulation to simplify the governing environment for international business. It also gives residents control over their data."
"Companies that store data in the cloud will experience stronger restrictions relating to how they access and use information under the new regulation. EU residents, on the other hand, will gain several rights concerning personal data. Outlined below are six GDPR changes:
1. Personal Data Definition is Stricter
2. Data Minimization Principles
3. Enhanced Individuals’ Rights
4. Data Breach Notification
5. Increased Accountability
6. Stricter Consent Procedures
"All questions from a company to an individual asking them to grant the organization permission to collect, process, and store personal details ought to be presented clearly. "
"The new regulation applies to every entity that monitors or processes personal information of EU citizens across the universe."