úterý 14. listopadu 2017

CCTV Users at 'Risk of Breaching GDPR'

Michael Hill, Deputy Editor , vystavil na portálu "Infosecurity-magazine" článek: "CCTV Users at 'Risk of Breaching GDPR".
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Cituji vybrané části textu:
"Organizations that use CCTV systems could be putting themselves at risk of breaching GDPR data protection and privacy requirements by failing to understand how the forthcoming regulations cover the collection of visual data."...
" ...the fact that because there has been little regulation governing CCTV systems (until now) there is a danger that users will fall short in their obligations to ensure safe usage under GDPR, which comes into force in just six months." ....
“The good news is that the GDPR gives CCTV users an opportunity to tackle what is often a negative image and take the lead in demonstrating accountability and privacy protection. They can also use new technologies such as cloud, which enables them to meet the new regulations while improving data accessibility and security.”