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Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

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"Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Three Common Data Management Problems & How to Fix Them"
"Knowing the location of your data plays a crucial role with keeping it secure. When you find yourself jumping through hoops in order to protect, monitor, or report on your data, then you're not getting the most out of your IT infrastructure. Is your current IT infrastructure helping you--or hurting you?"
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"In this eBook from Globalscape, you will learn:
- Three common IT infrastructure challenges that can interfere with data management
- The consequences of these common obstacles
- Strategies and tools to put security, compliance, and efficiency at the forefront."
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"Your IT infrastructure can be severely weakened when core IT requirements
are not being met. If you don’t know where your data is at all times, then your
IT infrastructure is getting in your way. An agile, efficient, secure, and
compliant IT infrastructure provides operational visibility, control, and governance." 
"Legacy or homegrown systems, disparate applications and systems, and shadow IT interf"Is your current IT infrastructure helping you—or hurting you? "
eres with the secure and efficient management of your data and IT infrastructure."
"Three common IT infrastructures that lack the optimal level of data management and can adversely affect your security, compliance, and efficiency goals include the following: 
1. Legacy and homegrown data exchange systems
When an old or homegrown data exchange system slows down your business growth

2. Disparate applications and systems
When you have multiple systems or applications moving your data, leaving you lacking a single platform to manage, protect, and track your data movement 
3. Shadow IT
When employees use unsanctioned applications and tools that limit IT control or governance, and in turn expose an organization to security vulnerabilities."
"Getting ahead of these common IT infrastructure challenges will require a proactive data management strategy that enables full operational visibility, control, and governance over your data exchange environment. With the right data management strategy and tools in place, security, compliance and efficiency will always be at the forefront. "
"How to Get Out of Your Own Way with a Data Management Strategy
Three Common IT Infrastructure Challenges that Get in the Way..."
"How Can You Prevent the Increased Shadow IT Costs?
Four Signs that Shadow IT is a Problem. What are the Red Flags? ....".
"How to Get Ahead of Shadow IT:
- Evaluate Existing Processes
- Communicate with Employees
- Keep it Simple
Další text se věnuje dílčím tématům:
- The Ultimate Data Transfer Headache
- Failed Data Transfers Interfere with Daily Business Operations
- What Happens When Data Transfers Fail
- data loss
- data transfer interseption
- Missed SLAs
- Lost Revenue 
- Data Corruption
- Fines Due to Non-Compliance."
MFT to the Rescue
The managed file transfer (MFT) technology enables organizations to securely and efficiently move data within the IT infrastructure and between systems. More robust than the insecure FTP server, MFT is a powerful and secure solution that can move a high volume of data and a complex set of workflows. 
- Overcome Data
Transfer Challenges with a MFT Solution 
The challenges that follow legacy or homegrown file transfer systems, disparate systems and applications, and shadow IT require an advanced data management solution that is inherent in a MFT technology."
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"Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) is Globalscape’s award-winning MFT platform that was designed to manage data transparently, efficiently, and within the parameters of control and accessibility that you require. 
EFT provides enterprise-level security for collaboration with business partners, customers, and employees, while automating the integration of back-end systems."