středa 15. listopadu 2017

Will AI Change the Role of Cybersecurity?

Tami Casey vystavil na portálu "IMPERVA" článek s názvem "Will AI Change the Role of Cybersecurity?
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"Mention artificial intelligence (AI) and security and a lot of people think of Skynet from The Terminator movies. Sure enough, at a recent Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup group panel on AI and machine learning, it was moderator Alan Zeichick – technology analyst, journalist and speaker – who first brought it up. But that wasn’t the only lively discussion during the panel, which focused on AI and cybersecurity."
"I found two areas of discussion particularly interesting, which drew varying opinions from the panelists. One, around the topic of AI eliminating jobs and thoughts on how AI may change a security practitioner’s job, and two, about the possibility that AI could be misused or perhaps used by malicious actors with unintended negative consequences."
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- Artificial Intelligence Eliminating Jobs?
- AI and Malicious Misuse
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"The difference between a good data scientist and an awesome data scientist is orders of magnitude different in terms of where they can take this technology.  But not to fear, humans will be highly involved in the development of these systems for quite some time."