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5 ways you can benefit from GDPR

5 ways you can benefit from GDPR
Inderjit Mund publikoval 29. 11. 2017 článek na portále "dataiq.co.uk", konkrétně na adrese:
Cituji vybrané části textu a osnovu:
"Contrary to the negative hype, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a force for good for both individuals and marketers. The new Regulation empowers consumers by refocusing the attention on them owning their data.
With new guidelines around explicit permission to use an individual’s data, brands will need to create more relevant and compelling brand communications to customers who are actually interested. Looking at the key requirements for compliance in more detail, GDPR can in fact help marketers to enhance their activities, improve customer engagement and boost ROI."
Here’s 5 ways you can benefit from GDPR:
1. Personalised and more efficient marketing
2. The fast-track to effective data-driven marketing
3. Permission is everything
4. Better data equals better relationships
5. GDPR as a catalyst for change
Cituji ze závěru:"With this in mind, it is understandable to be taken back by the requirements of GDPR. Its complexity can be daunting and unclear at stages, yet underneath the prescriptive text, there is vast opportunity to make business and marketing activity compatible with our digital future. Responsible brands should not fear GDPR, but learn to work with it to unlock and future-proof data-driven marketing practices. Once you become at peace with this, your marketing activity will have higher first-time success rates and impact on the right type of audience."