sobota 30. prosince 2017

It's time to re-examine the future of data infrastructure

Článek publikoval Ravi Mayuram na portálu "information-management" 20. 12. 2017. Najdete ho na adrese:
Cituji vybranou část textu:
"In 2017, artificial intelligence and digital transformation vaulted to the forefront of business priorities, and these technologies will continue to drive new business initiatives as we move into 2018.
Recent research suggests that the AI market will surpass $100 billion by 2025, and 89 percent of enterprises say their industry is being disrupted by digital technology. For companies to succeed today, digital strategies must underlie an organization’s approach to innovation and customer experience. And to support these efforts, it’s vital for companies to build out the necessary data infrastructure.
Today, AI is more of a trendy buzzword than a practical reality. Difficult to execute, AI is only as good as its data, and data integrity still varies from enterprise to enterprise. However, we’ve seen the early stages of machine learning applications in industries such as advertising and retail, and in the years ahead we’ll see more industries, including industrial Internet of Things, digital health and digital finance, begin taking advantage of this technology to provide more meaningful user experiences.
Throughout this transformation, the database will play an instrumental role by accommodating rapidly-changing data at scale, while keeping big data sets reliable and secure, although true implementation of AI is still several years away........".