sobota 30. prosince 2017

Preparing for the General Data Protection Requirement

Published by Rob Mellor - 26. 12. 2017. Článek najdete na adrese:
Cituji vybrané části textu:
"On May 25, 2018, the EU’s new General Data Protection Rules take effect forcing companies worldwide to comply with a fundamental change to the way businesses manage and distribute data.
" ... As a result, many businesses appear stuck in 'analysis paralysis', incapable of implementing strategies to meet the GDPR challenge.
How can you break through that paralysis? How can you get started on the path to compliance? In short, where do you start?"
First, let’s remind ourselves what is behind the GDPR.
"At the most foundational level, it is about stopping the misuse of personal data by organizations who may be tempted to use that data to engage in intrusive, unwanted marketing activities. We have all suffered such targeting and know how annoying it is. So, one of the key tenets of GDPR will be that it requires organizations to prove that any data they store is necessary to the running of the business, rather than being used for marketing activities. Within every business, there are obviously many different and disparate data streams making it tough to create an easily auditable view of the data and, in turn, prove why it is essential to the running of the business."
"For example, let’s imagine it is found that a retailer, at the point of purchase, is scanning the color of people's' eyes as they pay. The company will now have to explain why it is doing that. Perhaps, it is an optician that has a legitimate reason for capturing this data, as it helps provide better aftercare to customers."