sobota 10. února 2018

One GRC Manager’s Practical Approach to GDPR Readiness

February 8, 2018 - David Lewis - Blog | Imperva
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"...According to this survey, the majority of companies are slow off the mark. On top of that, companies require resources and budget to prepare for and comply with the GDPR....
- At Imperva, our readiness to meet the regulatory requirements established by the GDPR is managed by our Privacy Office. As a GRC manager on that team, I was one of several individuals tasked with reading, understanding and communicating GDPR requirements to our internal stakeholders as we developed our compliance plan.
- No doubt, your organization has a team established to work through GDPR requirements and prepare as needed. If you’re a member of that team and haven’t yet started down your own path, I’m hopeful you’ll find this a useful guide in helping jump start your project, with the ability to tailor it to your specific needs. My goal was to make it as practical as possible. And I provide timelines to give you a sense for how long each step took when I took it on. Here we go...".