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GDPR compliance requires a fundamental rethink of the data you collect

Joe Curtis -  19 Mar, 2018 - ITPRo
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"How IT leaders are preparing for GDPR, and the benefits doing so can bring your business
- Businesses should view GDPR as an opportunity to make sense of their data and a chance to put customers at the heart of their processes, according to the IT Pro Panel, a group of high-profile and experienced IT leaders representing a wide variety of industries.....
- While the looming 25 May deadline for compliance is a cause for alarm among companies yet to prepare for the more rigorous data protection measures, IT leaders have urged organisations to view it as a chance to increase customer trust, and to rethink and refine their approach to data collection.
- "GDPR is great and a fantastic piece of legislation because it actually makes companies operate the way I think they should operate," says Mark Holt, CTO of e-ticket booking platform, Trainline.
- "What GDPR is introducing is great for consumers everywhere. I've seen businesses where they spray customer data all over the organisation and that's just terrifying."
- The UK's data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), has issued plenty of fines to such organisations, from nuisance marketing outfits to firms responsible for careless data breaches.
- But the regulator sees financial penalties as a last resort, and has urged companies to view GDPR as an incentive to improve their data practices. It's a perspective that IT Pro Panel members share, and we spoke with three of our IT leaders to help you understand the key challenges to overcome, and how to position your business to reap the benefits of compliance. ( Cont. )