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What do app developers need to know about GDPR?

What do app developers need to know about GDPR?
By James Eggleston 10. 5. 2018
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"As an app developer, the most important element of the GDPR regulation is staying aware of the way that you communicate to users and customers about the compliance terms required of all parties – users included. Effective communication will also require maintaining complete visibility over app usage and data activity in a controlled way.
GDPR is not a threat to app developers and businesses - it offers an opportunity to understand your data better, use it more effectively to improve the customer offering and ensure that the protection of user data is at the core of your business’ agenda from now on. The information out there for businesses, app developers and data protection officers is dense with legal formalities and compliance language – often overwhelming and confusing to wade through. We’ve identified the top 5 steps that every app developer should know about and can proactively take now, to make sure they are ready for 25th May deadline.
1.      Know your user
2.      Ready to opt-in…
3.      And the right to be forgotten…
4.      Stay up-to-date with your data
5.      Know who else is involved
As soon as the customer data you gather is passed onto a third-party, they need to become aware of and involved in your compliance activities. Customer relationship management systems and any email service providers are examples of the kinds of third-party organisations that app developers will already be working with every day.
Communication is critical
In conclusion, app developers and publishers are directly responsible for their users’ data; how it is collected and used; third-part access to it; secure storage, access and erasure. Compliance towards these obligations will be more straightforward if maximum transparency and direct communication is maintained. Simplifying the communication with your users as well as being proactive and well-prepared in your data handling will offer an enhanced experience for all parties and ensure consumers maintain confidence in your ability to service them efficiently and securely."